Custom embroidery and crafts at an affordable price
Hi and welcome to KY Girl's Crafts. This is a new and exciting adventure for me
and I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I do making them. I decided a
couple years ago to leave a full time job after 20 years to do something that
allowed me to follow a few dreams of my own. I now drive a school bus and have
time to create crafts which I totally love.

I embroider personalized and monogrammed custom baby one pieces, custom
baby t-shirts, custom toddler t-shirts, custom adult t-shirts, miscellaneous
clothing, napkins, blankets and towels. I also crochet blankets, tote bags and
felted purses.

Custom embroidery delivered quickly is my specialty. I love working with
customers to make custom embroidery for that special occasion or holiday. You
can supply the item to be embroidered or I can purchase it locally. I have a large
library of designs to create your custom  baby one piece, custom toddler t-shirt or
whatever else you choose.

Please enjoy my current items and contact me if you need something
custom made.

Thanks for visiting!

Need something digitized so you can make your custom
embroidered baby one piece or custom embroidered toddler
Most digitizing of simple pictures can be done for a one time
fee of under $10.00
Purchase custom baby onesies and custom toddler t-shirts with PayPal
Thank you for another great year!
Welcome to KY Girl's Crafts
KY Girl's Crafts - Embroidery of onesies, toddler t-shirts and adult clothing
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